Origin of the Institute of Knowledge Society

The idea of the Polish Rectors Foundation (PRF) was closely related to that of an independent research institute. Considering an interest which an initiative of establishing such an institute has drawn among rectors of non-public higher education institutions, the Board of the Polish Rectors Foundation decided that PRF and its partner representing non-public higher education institutions will jointly set up the Institute of Knowledge Society (IKS), as an non-governmental research institution acting in the area of higher education. The Consortium of Non-State Higher Education Institutions, founded on 2 April 2003 by representatives of 16 most renowned private institutions, has become the partner of the Polish Rectors Foundation in creating the Institute of Knowledge Society.

Institute of Knowledge Society acts for the benefit of:

  • creating knowledge society
  • creating foundations for the development of knowledge-based economy in Poland
  • integration of higher education system with scientific research system in the context of European integration
  • convergence of public and non-public sectors of higher education

Goals of the Institute of Knowledge Society

The main goal of the Institute of Knowledge Society is to carry out research on higher education and scientific research system as well as on educational policy of the State and the development of information society, in particular:

  • supporting the development and improvement of the national education system in Poland, especially of higher education system
  • acting for the benefit of the development of scientific research system, especially in area particurarly important for an acceleration of social, economical and civilizational development of the country
  • presenting and promoting solutions supporting applications of scientific research results in economy
  • searching for sources of financing and financing or co-financing of expertises, research studies and analyses in the area of activity of the Institute.

Forms of activity of the Institute of Knowledge Society:

  • carrying out research and publishing its results
  • carrying out training programmes and expert studies
  • organizing scientific conferences, seminars and debates
  • collecting and exchanging scientific information in form of electronic databases
  • organizing public meetings, campaigns and contests
  • international cooperation with higher education institutions, research institutes, and other organizations working in area of activity of the Institute
  • accumulating resources necessary to carry out statutory activities.